The People Make the Practice and The Practice Make the People


Last weekend I returned back from the final module of my Open Floor teacher training. With me I brought some beautiful gifts from people and a community that really wants my work with Open Floor and Peace to flourish. I am very honored by all the support I am receiving! This also means that within the next couple of weeks or so, I can finally and call myself an Open Floor teacher 🙂

I have spent the last days since I came back allowing the teachings, impressions, inspirations and experiences from the final module to settle in me. This time it was also a lot about how to make the transition from being in training to further stepping into the community of teachers. It made me reflect a lot upon what it actually means for me to be a teacher, and what my unique teacher expression is. What is it that I want to contribute with through Open Floor? How can I guide my teaching into working specifically with my passion for peace and conflict transformation? Lori Saltzman, one out of the many wonderful teachers and assistants that guided us through this module, started in the opening session by reading the current vision of Open Floor International and next to it we brainstormed what we are trying to teach through Open Floor:


I realized I am very blessed to have found such an organization that I can deeply align with when it comes to values, ways of working and ways of relating to and supporting each other. It is for me a key, key ingredient also for peace: the ability to reach out, support, communicate, respect and care for each other as a global community. I think in many ways this is one of the most important parts for me to focus on in my coming work: to help unfold compassion, community, support, care and respect for all the different relationships we as humans are continuously part of and co-creating. To use the vocabulary of Open Floor: to help unfold peaceful and non-violent relationships to our own Solitude, to our close Connections, to our community of Belonging and to our wider surrounding, including the planet we live on and all the beings that call her their home, always infused by a larger field of Spirit. I am curious and inspired to see where this work takes me, and I am currently encountering a new ground of passion that help me embrace the unknown and riskt process of creatively dancing towards it.

Until next time
with love,

PS! My next class in Innsbruck will be on November 7th from 19.00 – 21.00 in Verein Multikulturell in Innsbruck. I hope to see many of you there 🙂

Final Open Floor Herbst 2018


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