Cancelled!! Relational Aspects of Peace: Open Floor class in Innsbruck

Version 2

Unfortunately, I have to cancel this class due to a double-booking of the room this day! But you can still join my class on Wednesday May 23rd in Verein Multikulturell!

On May 19th, we come together to explore some of the relational aspects of Peace and Conflict through Open Floor. During the two hour class we dance, move and have fun together, inquiring into questions like: how do I approach others? Can I still be with myself as I move toward someone else? How do I embrace the different relationships of my life? Can I support myself, be open for another, belong to a group and rest in the bigger picture – all at the same time?

Where: YOKO – Yoga Kollektiv. Bachlechnerstraße 46, 6020 Innsbruck.
When: May 19th. 18.00 – 20.00.
Cost: 15 €

Picture: Michael  Deichert

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