When new things happen….

Dear everybody,


It is has been quiet from my side for some time now: so much have happened the past month! I have finally, after 1,5 years of patiently trying, been accepted to a PhD program in Peace Studies where I can research the topic of my heart: Open Floor as a resource for peace!

At the same time, I have moved to a new apartment with all what that entails of closings, transitional chaos and new beginnings. Now, I am ready to re-embark on my Open Floor teaching, starting this and next week off with three different classes!

There will be a class in Wien this coming Saturday and two(!) classes in Innsbruck next Wednesday- all of them focused on different aspects important for peace 🙂 I am looking forward to see what new aspects, stories and beginnings these classes might open and bring forth.

Hugs from Innsbruck

Hanne 🙂


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This Saturday morning in Seestadt we will some important questions for how peace and conflict are present within the different relationships of our lives. How do I experience peace and conflict in my relationship with my surroundings? When and who do I move toward? When and from whom do I move away? How do I recognize openness and approachability in myself and in others? How do I relate to myself and others when we are closed? Which relations do I seek? Which one do I keep avoiding? This, and many other questions, are what might come up under this 2 hour dance this Saturday morning.

Where: Wohnprojekt BROT in Seestadt Aspern, Hannah Arendt Platz 9, Wien
When: Saturday 17th of March. 10.30 – 12.30
Cost: 15 Euro




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For the International Day for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination on the 21st of March, I have been invited by a local organization in Innsbruck (TIGRA – Tiroler Gesellschaft für rassismusskritische Arbeit) to hold an Open Floor class on the broader topic of antiracism to mark the day. I am very grateful for this opportunity to bring Open Floor to a new arena here in Innsbruck!

Where: Vierundeinzig. Hallerstrasse 41, Innsbruck.
When: Wednesday March 21st. 15.00 – 17.30
Cost: 15 Euro
NB! Sign up by bildung@tigra.cc. The workshop will only be held if enough participants sign up!



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(To remind you that my new class series in Innsbruck focused on Open Floor and Peace is starting now next Wednesday! – (https://peaceinmovement.com/2018/02/22/spring-news-open-floor-in-innsbruck-wien-and-heidelberg/)

Upcoming Wednesday: Peace in Our Bodies
Where: Verein Multikulturell. Andreas-Hofer Strasse 46. 1st Floor. Innsbruck.
When: Wednesday March 21st. 19.00 – 21.00.
Cost: 15 Euro (10 Euro social price)

For sign-up and a guaranteed place: hanne_ht88@hotmail.com

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