Spring news: More Open Floor in Innsbruck, Wien and Heidelberg!


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Open Floor and Peace – a class series in Innsbruck

In this particular Open Floor class series we will take a deep look into the topic of peace. Throughout six Wednesday from March – June, we will explore different aspects of its dynamics, moving between the many questions that peace and conflict bring to our lives. What exactly is this peace that I as human being long for? How does it show itself to me in my life? How does it influence and guide my relations to myself and my surroundings? Further, how does peace intertwine with conflict? How can conflict and peace dance together to draw on each others strengths and with this affirm life? By exploring some very personal aspects of these questions, we can maybe slowly move towards a deeper understanding of and embracement of peace and conflicts in our lives.

The class series is open for everyone and it is possible to join both the whole series, as well as individual classes.

For sign-up and a guaranteed place: hanne_ht88@hotmail.com 



21.03: Peace and Conflict in our Bodies
11.04: Emotional Dynamics
02.05: Conflicting Thoughts
23.05: Me, and also You
13.06: Belonging in Community
27.06: The Bigger Picture

WHERE: Verein Multikulturel, Andreas-Hofer Strasse 46. 1st Floor. Innsbruck

WHEN: 19.00 – 21.00 (Room opens 10 minutes before)

COST: 15 Euro (social price: 10 euro)



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PS! The Workshop will be held in English!

This workshop is part of a three-times workshop series that explores the topic of self-love related to the bigger questions of peace and conflict in our lives. This particular workshop day focuses on how we can turn our intention inwards in order to listen to the vast landscape of needs, wishes, fears and desires that live there. ‘Inside Listening’ means to truly and honestly give ourselves full, empathic attention.

You do not need to have participated in the first part of this workshop series in order to join us now in March! The workshop is open for everyone regardless of prior dance experience.

March 3rd: 10.30 – 17.00.
Mehrgenerationshaus Heidelberg. Henrich Fuchs-Str. 85.

The workshop is donation based.
For sign-up: christina.egerter@habito-heidelberg.de@


  • WIEN:

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In this class we explore some relational aspects of peace and conflict. By working with 4 basic relational hungers  – Solitude, Connection, Belonging and Spirit – we venture into exploring how peace and conflict live, express itself and constantly changes in these different relationships of our lives.

When: 17th March 10.30 – 12.30
Where: BROT. Seestadt Aspern. Hannah Arendt Platz 9, 1220, Wien
Price: 15 Euro  



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